Five Healthy Valentines Day Candies



#5 Peanut M&M’s

These make our healthy list, but with a caveat. Peanut M&M’s are delicious, but they’re high-calorie snacks (250 calories per serving). The reason why you’re getting a great bang for your nutritional buck is that they contain 5 grams of protein, which means you won’t be starving for your date night with your sweetie. These treats are lower in sugar than other sweets, too, because peanuts make up the majority of the calories. But if you aren’t careful, you could eat a whole day’s worth of calories in these mini delights alone! Portion out your serving ahead of time.



#4 Fun Size Snickers

The reason why sweets can be a diet downfall is that they’re often lacking in nutrients that fill us up for more than, like, 2 seconds. Snickers are rich and packed with 3 grams of protein in two fun size bars. That means you get a little nutrition with your dessert. The best part: these delicious bite-size candies come with instant portion control for those of us who lack it!



#3 Dove Dark Chocolate Hearts

Dove Dark Chocolate Hearts are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a calorie-conscious loved one. Dark chocolate is rich in heart-helping flavanols and slightly lower in calories than regular milk chocolate. These little candies are the perfect size for someone who doesn’t want to overeat and who enjoys sweet messages inside each delicious bite!



#2 Homemade Dark Chocolate-Covered Almonds

What’s the best way to avoid unnecessary calories? Make it yourself! And what better way to spend Valentine’s Day together than making your own dark chocolate covered almonds? Trythis recipe for a healthier alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day candies. Studies show that almonds may help you lose weight, prevent diabetes, and reduce cholesterol. Not a bad way to show someone you love them!



#1 Dark Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

It’s easy to get hopped up on sugar this Valentine’s Day, and before you know it, you’re craving an afternoon snooze instead of a roll in the hay. A great way to combat that terrible bloated feeling is to indulge in something naturally good for you. Strawberries are nature’s candy, with approximately 50 calories per cup and no added sugar. Dip them in some delicious melted dark chocolate and let them cool (or refrigerate for up to an hour), and you’ll be in for a delicious and nutritious treat this Valentine’s Day!


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